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Dear Diary…Writing a Daily Journal for Self-Improvement

Do you write a journal or diary? For some, it’s a natural part of their daily routine. For others, it’s an ongoing struggle or a failed project. Or maybe you’ve never even thought of it. But perhaps you should…


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When I was just seventeen I had a girlfriend who wrote a daily diary of her life. I never got to read it: she kept it secret (but I hoped she had written at least some nice things about me). What astonished me most of all was not that she wrote every single day, but Continue reading

The Morning Ritual: Easily Achieve Your Top Tasks Before Breakfast!

What happens when you get out of bed in the morning? Do you stumble into the shower? Reach for the coffee? Trip over the dog? The things you do first in your day, and the way you do them, can set you up for success or failure…

Morning Ritual

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As part of my Self-Improvement I have taken time to analyse how I use my time, how much I get done each day and what techniques I can use to enhance these.

Continue reading

Self-Improvement TV – Turning Off And Tuning In

TV has been bringing world news and entertainment into our homes and lives since long before the internet was invented. But in our pursuit of Self-Improvement, perhaps we are missing something…

Self-Improvement TV - Turning Off And Tuning In

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Amongst several inventors early last century, John Logie Baird is credited with being the first to produce a live, moving television image from reflected light. Little more than a hundred years later, TV is generally considered to part of ‘normal’ life and many of us have multiple television receivers in our homes and even in our pockets.

On average in the UK we watch around four hours of TV every day. In the US this figure rises to five hours or more, particularly as we age. So if you live to be 80, you might spend as much as 16 of those years watching television. Why do so many of us spend such a staggering proportion of our lives in front of the TV screen? Continue reading

Getting Organised: Seven Simple Secrets to Sorting Your Stuff

“Have you seen the …?”
“How do you ever find anything?”
“Why do you keep all this?”
“You need a system!”

Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve had similar things said to you, or said them to yourself. Effective personal organisation is part of being a “grown-up” and yet so often we revert to being the teenager with the messy bedroom…

Getting Organised: Six Simple Secrets to Sorting Your Stuff

photo credit: Flohmarkt

You know, life is complicated. We’re surrounded by “stuff”. Stuff we’ve bought, stuff we’ve been given, stuff we’ve been sent, stuff we wear, stuff we use, stuff we love and  stuff that’s just “stuff”. More stuff arrives daily on our doormat or in our inbox; every week or month we buy more stuff and every year people give us more stuff for our birthday and Christmas. Continue reading

Self-Improvement: Why you should switch to a standing desk

Four months ago I took my desk and chair out of my workspace and replaced them with a cupboard that doubles as a standing desk. I now do most of my work standing up, and the effects of this one change have been remarkable! Here’s how it all came about…

Self-Improvement Why You Should Switch To A Standing Desk

photography by Robert Baxter

As part of my daily Self-Improvement I listen to podcasts, particularly when walking my dog or driving. One of my podcast subscriptions is Jeff Sanders’ “5am Miracle”. Jeff broadcasts weekly and usually talks a lot about the benefits of rising early, but on one occasion he was telling listeners about changing to using a standing desk in his office. He was very enthusiastic about it and recommended it highly. Continue reading

Getting Up At 5am: 11 Reasons Why You HAVE To Do It…and 8 Ways To Make It Easier Than You Think

Apart from for caring for a sick child or catching an early flight, you may never have considered getting up as early as 5.00 am. For most of us it sounds like torture – but a few months ago I bit the bullet and began to do it anyway. I have never looked back; the Self-Improvement factor from this one change is huge! Here are some great reasons why you should join me…

Getting up at 5am

photography: Joe deSousa

ELEVEN reasons to rise early:

1) Successful people rise early.

Several studies have shown that early risers in college are more likely to be academically successful. Sound far-fetched? Maybe, but if you were to get up at 5.00 am you’d be in good company. Among early risers past and present are: Continue reading

Reading to Self-Improve: 7 Ways to Read Great Books REALLY Badly…

Over the last few years on my journey of intentional self-improvement, I have read hundreds of books. If you are not yet including some daily reading time in your life, I urge you to do so. Regular reading has the potential to broaden your horizons and enrich your life in ways you hadn’t thought possible – I know this because I have experienced it personally. But all reading is not the same. If you’re a reader, there are some ways to seriously stuff up the benefits you can gain from even the greatest of books….

Reading to Self-Improve

photography: Florida Memory

(Note: Obviously – I hope – I’m not encouraging you to stuff up.  I’m highlighting these areas so that you can intentionally avoid them!  Hopefully my British sense of humour translates here.)

So here’s how to read great books really badly:

1. Read too much fiction

Fiction books are a great way to relax and disconnect for a while.  I love a good story, particularly a crime thriller or a sci-fi novel. Continue reading

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