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Several years ago my life hit the rocks. Exhausted, stressed out and working 60+ hours a week, I was sliding into clinical depression for the second time in two years. I had no choice but to cut loose.

Things got worse before they got better. Despite the love and commitment of my wonderful family and close friends, the climb out of depressive illness was slow and painful.

Then something changed. I took a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness. Empowered with fresh perspectives, I set about devouring as much personal development material as I could lay my hands on. I came to understand that the only person who could improve my life was me.

The discipline of Self-Improvement has saved my life. Today I have a successful teaching business and a fulfilling, creative, productive life.

My journey of Self-Improvement continues.  My goal is to help you join me and inspire you to develop into an even better version of ‘you’.

The idea of improving yourself can be daunting: there are so many areas to think about. So I have written an eBook for you: Self-Improvement – Ten Quick Wins.  Download it here for free!

The Ten Quick Wins will help you rethink and reboot your life as quickly and effectively as possible. Start with these and they will lead you on to bigger and bolder changes.

As you re-imagine your life and your future, try not to limit yourself. Dream wildly, live intentionally and expect great results!

Improve Yourself – Improve Your World.



  1. Sai dinesh chandra

    February 16, 2016 at 5:48 am

    Tnx David I found the right motivation but yesterday …….it was good I did every thing perfectly but today …..I woke up late and my whole day got disturbed ….I guess I should try tomorrow with some more effort……. Tnx for the motivation . I will try until I get perfect with the habbits you mentioned

    • One habit I’ve found particularly useful is waking up early in order to get quiet time to myself, and prepare myself for the day. Many people don’t realize that even 15 minutes a day will create a space of peace that you will begin to look forward to. Don’t Fret when you make a mistake. Own it. If I ever run late I make sure to chill for an extra 10 to 15. I’ll call my boss, and tell them. No excuse. Hey I messed up. I’ll be there whenever the extra 15 mins is up. If you are tripping, and rushing you will be disheveled. How can you do what you have to do like that?

  2. hello sir i really need motivation right now and its working. my day was perfect in office and home, not full-time i followed it but most of the day i tried ..actually am 27 years young girl and last 3 years i was suffering spinal fracture pain because of road accident that’s why lots of problems am facing right now like short-term memory loss , triedness, lazyness so many…. but yesterday night i download your e-book and start following and it’s amazing really ….everything on time am happy and feeling healthy …..it’s my first day i will follow it daily and i believe i will win….thanks sir

  3. Reading is my passion second I love watching movies.i already read book name of the power of positive thinking and now I have been reading The old man and sea.i believe motivations need to everyone.i read your 19 page’s .I like and very interesting.so you are good man and my thoughts more people should read your eBook.thank you for share with me…..good job

  4. I read your book.. and really enjoyed it… I’m starting wake I got up 5 mins early tomorrow.. I love being motivated and every morning start my day with a motivational talk… at the moment my life is full and very busy… I have a few different businesses and at the moment money is tight… I am trying to be a better person and keep moving forward…

  5. You are great David! Keep up the good work!

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