Keeping your attitude positive and your motivation well-nourished is vital for a successful and fulfilling day: so how can you give yourself a regular boost? The answer might lie in your Quote For The Day…

Motivation by Quotation

photo credit: Milad Meister (licence)

Above is a typical example: a motivational quotation or positive ‘Daily Thought’, usually presented with smart graphics or an attractive photograph. They’re everywhere: you can subscribe to them by email, visit inspirational websites, get them in your feed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. They are printed onto calendars, in diaries, on fridge magnets, plaques and stickers. But do they really help? I confess my opinion has changed considerably…

Completely useless!

Several years ago, if you had asked my opinion on inspirational statements and daily quotations, I would have dismissed them as completely useless. My reasons?

  • “I can motivate myself; I don’t need someone else to do it”
  • “Words are just words, no matter how witty or wise they sound”
  • “Most quotations are idealistic and unrealistic”
  • “Reading quotes is a waste of time: I could be doing something useful instead”
  • “They are too general to be of specific use or help”
  • “People who say ‘clever’ things have too high an opinion of themselves anyway”

(Looking back, I think it was probably me who had a too high opinion of myself…)

What changed?

I suspect my former negativity towards these feel-good sound bytes was largely a symptom of my depressive illness (more about this on my About Me page). As I eventually began to emerge from that darkness into a time of recovery, I noticed that several people I respected placed considerable value in inspirational and motivational material. I saw to my surprise that uplifting photos and graphics were amongst those attracting the most ‘likes’ on Facebook and generating lots of engagement on Twitter. And people were actually buying and enjoying all those positive-thinking notes, mugs and bumper stickers!

Ultimately it was when I joined Instagram that I finally grasped the full value of all these fragments of wisdom. Instagram is full of them! As I flicked through the many quotes, encouragements and affirmations posted by other Instagrammers, I started to appreciate just how they can help to:

  • start your day on a positive note
  • boost your mood if you’re feeling low
  • bring some focus when your mind becomes too busy
  • learn about and appreciate the ideas of others
  • provide fresh perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything…

I’m a convert!

These days I’m totally sold on ‘life quotes’ and if you’re not already, I encourage you to seek some out and enjoy them. A great place to start would be my Instagram feed (click HERE) where I have posted well over a hundred high quality photos with some of my favourite quotations attached.

I haven’t updated my Instagram for a while (I’ve been busy with other projects) but there are plenty of uploads to trawl through. Feel free to ‘comment’ and ‘like’ your favourites!

Not convinced?

Perhaps ‘motivation by quotation’ doesn’t appeal to you right now? I completely understand: we are all wonderfully and differently made. (Oops, sorry, that was probably a motivational quotation…) And if you are already a genuinely positive and well-motivated person without the help of inspirational snippets, then that’s great!

But (and be honest with yourself here) if you sometimes slip into cynicism, sarcasm, fatalism or other negative thought patterns, then perhaps an occasional ‘thought for the day’ might lift your focus onto a more helpful level.

It certainly couldn’t do any harm…?

Your opinion matters…

What are your views on motivation by quotation? Are you a regular motto-lover, or do you have reservations? What’s your favourite quote? Please add a comment below, or email me with your thoughts. I answer all your emails personally!

To our continued Self-Improvement and success!

David Hendra
The Self-Improvement Guy