Self-Improvement: New Beginnings

So here I am, writing the first of what I hope will be many blog posts.  My web domain is registered, my WordPress installation is done, my header graphics are in place and I’ve done my ‘About Me’ page…

Self-Improvement Guy…and now I’m the ‘Self-Improvement Guy’!  

Do you like the title?  I was very pleased to get the web domain, I thought it would have gone already.  It really sums up where I’m at.  Or, more accurately, where I’m headed, because ‘Self-Improvement’ isn’t something you finish: it’s a process, a personal journey I’m intentionally and consistently following.

Why share this stuff? 
So what makes me such a Self-Improvement expert anyway?  On one level, absolutely nothing: I’m just one of so many people who have ‘hit the rocks’ at some point in their life and then been fortunate or blessed enough to find their way through to a better place.  But I have learnt that we all have great value and so my story, I guess, is as good as anyone else’s.  But why would I want to share it?  Here are some reasons:

  1. Writing things down helps me organise my thoughts.  Self-Improvement is sometimes easy, sometimes hard, but never simple.  There are so many facets to our lives and each one may need consideration as we seek to improve ourselves.  Getting things down on paper (or screen) gives some structure to my thoughts and ideas.
  2. Sharing is an active part of my intentional Self-Improvement.  Writing things down brings them from the inside to the outside.  This helps me keep perspective and focus on the important things.  I would encourage anyone going through a process of Self-Improvement to find a way of externalising and recording their thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Whether, it’s a blog like this or a journal (which I also write) or a podcast (in the planning!) or whatever, start recording the things that are important to you.  When you do, it becomes easier to analyse and prioritise your life.
  3. Self-Improvement is essentially a very selfish process.  It’s all about ‘me’.   Who am I, where am I at, how can I improve, what do I need to change.  Sharing transforms my self-centred process into something that might help others.  We don’t live on this planet in complete isolation: we were put here, it seems to me, to help one another.  If by sharing my thoughts or relating my personal experience I can help you, or someone else, along their journey of Self-Improvement, then all the better.

Self-Improvement is not gender-specific.  There are a lot of “man-provement” websites out there and it would be easy to think this is only for the men – it isn’t!  As a married man, I am certainly aware that some ladies have a different perspective (ahem!) and think in different ways to some men.  But I honestly believe that self-improvement is for anyone, regardless of background, upbringing, gender, personality, race, creed, whatever.  I have never been much of a ‘man’s man’ anyway: I’m not a sport lover and I don’t hunt, shoot or fish!  So I hope you ladies, as well as you men, are still reading and will gain something of value from what I write.  Share nicely, fellas…

How about you?
So that covers why I’m here, but more importantly, why are you here?  You’re reading this for a reason, right?  You didn’t just ‘land’ on a Self-Improvement blog, right?  My guess is you’re looking for help with something or have a problem to solve.

Maybe you’re fed up with your job?  Or you have some other sort of ‘life problem’, such as a struggling or failed relationship or a recurring social difficulty?  Perhaps you have a condition or illness that restricts you in some way?  Or you’ve had a health scare?  Perhaps you can’t seem to get organised or get going?   It could be that you feel that there ‘must be more to life’ or you don’t like certain things about yourself and want to find ways to change.

Whatever your reason for being here, thank you so much for coming, and welcome!  I hope and pray that by sharing some of my life with you, I can help you along your way.  Remember: although Self-Improvement is essentially selfish, it’s okay to be selfish – at least for now.  As you explore, consider what areas of your life you want or need to work on the most, and be bold!

I wish you every success.  When you’re ready to share your journey, too, let me know.  I’ll be there to read your blog and learn from you, too.

Take action
If you haven’t yet downloaded my free eBook, “Self-Improvement: 10 Quick Wins” then click HERE to get your copy now.  Self-Improvement is a huge subject; there are so many resources out there to help you but the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming.  This easy-to-read eBook gives you 10 great ways to get started on the basics and lays a great foundation for your further Self-Improvement.

Yes, it’s genuinely free, and no, there is no upsell or backsell.  This is not about making money, it’s about sharing and helping.  I may occasionally add affiliate links in my blog posts, but this is to help pay for hosting the site.  There will always be full disclosure: if I link to an affiliate offer, I’ll tell you every time (there are none in this post!)

I ask for nothing in return, except maybe that you take time to comment on my blog posts?  It takes just a few seconds but your thoughts can help and encourage others, and me, too. Or you can contact me by email HERE.  I answer all messages personally.

To our continued Self-Improvement and success!

David Hendra
The Self-Improvement Guy



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