Sometimes people ask me about the tools and apps I use as part of my Self-Improvement lifestyle.  Here are some of the main ones you might like to check out…

To-do list manager: Nozbe

I use Nozbe for my task management.  You can set up all your projects with multiple tasks to be done, and you can schedule and prioritise them into one big to-do list.  I have tried several to-do list managers (including Evernote which I still use for filing and archiving) but Nozbe is easily the best I have found.  If you want to organise yourself and get things done, I recommend you give Nozbe a try.

Filing & archiving: Evernote

I store all sorts of things in Evernote: scanned documents (letters, invoices, receipts, instruction manuals, business cards, leaflets, journal entries) photos, sound files, PDFs, project notes, insurance documents, etc.  They are all stored as ‘Notes’ and you can set up Notebooks and Tags to organise them further if you wish.  The thing I like about Evernote is that you can just chuck things into it without worrying: even if you haven’t organised or tagged your Notes, you can still find them in seconds with its superb search function.  I have stored over 1000 Notes so far and I have always been able to retrieve what I needed in seconds. If you have lots of things to keep for a later date, put them in Evernote.

Concentration & focus: Focus@will

I was a bit dubious about this one at first but now I’m completely sold on it!  Focus@will gives you a timer (you choose how long) to do a task for a specific, focused block of time.  Whilst you work on the task, it plays scientifically-chosen ‘neuro-music’ to enhance your concentration and performance.  You can choose from a good range of styles of music and a range of different intensities to suit your preference.  I’m not surer I understand the science behind it, but I know this: it works. I’m much more productive during a Focus@will session.  Try it.

Mind mapping: iMindMap

If you’re a fan of mind-mapping (and you should be) then this is a great piece of software.  I’ve tried lots of other mind-mapping software packages and apps but none of them really let you make a mind map the way you would on paper.  iMindMap lets you do this: it’s the software from Tony Buzan, the inventor of the original Mind Mapping system.  There’s a free trial and lots of information about how to use mind maps.  If you want to organise your thoughts and develop your ideas creatively, try iMindMap.

Bible reading: Our Daily Journey and Bible in a Year

As part of my Morning Ritual I like to read something inspirational.  As a Christian, these two websites fit the bill perfectly for me. Our Daily Journey takes a small section of the Bible and explains it or gives some further ideas to think about.  Bible in a Year does what it says on the tin: it breaks the Bible down into 365 daily sections so if you follow it daily (like me) you will read the whole Bible in a year.  Each day there is one section from the Psalms or Proverbs, one from elsewhere in the Old Testament and one from the New Testament.  If you’ve never read the Bible, this is a great way to get through it in a year.


DISCLOSURE: In the interests of transparency, I would like to point out that some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission if you buy or subscribe.  I try to provide as much content as I can for free, so if you can support me by following these links, then thank you!